About Kaslan Associates, Inc.

Kaslan Associates was established by James A. Kaslan in 1976 following Mr. Kaslan's 20 years of experience with several prominent Bay Area firms as the responsible engineer directing structural engineering operations. Mr. Kaslan is one of the few engineers in California who is licensed in both structural and geotechnical engineering.

Kaslan Associates is a structural and geotechnical engineering firm with a high degree of expertise in the design of buildings, bridges and other structures. Our main offices are located in Sonoma, with branch offices in the East Bay, Marin County and Southern California.

Kaslan Associates is a small firm by design. Our staff includes structural, geotechnical and civil engineers, as well as other technical and administrative support personnel. All of our engineers are licensed in California and other states.
By keeping the size small, we are able to assign experienced personnel to all of our jobs while maintaining a "peer review" policy to ensure practical and accurate engineering solutions.

With over 40 years of experience, Kaslan Associates has been involved in a wide range of structural and geotechnical engineering projects, large and small scale, for residences and commercial properties. We are especially qualified in damage assessment, identifying seismic hazards and structural weakness, and designing remedial construction.